New Raffle Prize announced for The Science Fair!

How would you like to take a trip to a tropical paradise in the middle of winter, stay in a three-star hotel near the beach, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime magical wonder of nature?  We’ve got you covered!

hotel_activities_clip_image018We’re announcing our best raffle prize yet: a three-night trip for two to Puerto Rico!  Airfare, lodging, and rental car … and tickets to a night-time kayak excursion: a dream-like voyage to an incredibly unique wonderland; the bioluminescent Laguna Grande or Bio Bay, located in a natural reserve on the Northeast tip of Puerto Rico. This pristine ecosystem teems with astonishing marine life, inhabiting a secluded lagoon protected by mangrove forests. The water comes alive with millions of glowing organisms that must be seen to be believed!

Scenes of Vieques, Puerto Rico. August, 2012. Abe Velasquez agitating the water in 'Bio-Bay'

Scenes of Vieques, Puerto Rico. August, 2012. Abe Velasquez agitating the water in ‘Bio-Bay’

More than just a tourist trip, you will be guided by a marine biologist who will explain the science behind the wonder, point out other wildlife, and describe the ecosystem as you paddle beneath the stars.

Raffle tickets are only $50 each!  They are on sale now – click here to get yours. What’s more, although the drawing will happen at The Science Fair on Friday, October 16, (and we’d love to see you there), you do not need to be present to win.  We will cap ticket sales at 200, so your chances of winning are excellent!

Buy your raffle ticket now – buy more than one to increase your chances!  We’ll see you at The Science Fair!

This is a $1200 value. Please provide 6 weeks notice of date of travel to 137 Films. The winner must fly from a city that has a connection to Puerto Rico from Southwest Airlines.

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Welcome to the new Constant!

We’re excited to bring you a new version of our newsletter, The Constant!  We realize it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, and we’re confident this new format will make it easier than ever for us to keep in touch and update you on what’s happening here at 137 Films.

Science Fair Poster 2015We’ll send another update your way soon with a review of everything that’s gone on here in 2015, but let’s get straight to the most important thing on the horizon: the 2015 Science Fair!  You’ve seen our Facebook updates so you know the big event happens on October 16 at 133 West Fulton Market. We hope to see you there!

AND: we’re looking for some exciting auction items. We’re especially looking for airline miles (we can combine those with other items to make a terrific bundle), experiences like sports tickets, opera tickets, theatre tickets — or anything else you think might be a good contribution.  Thanks!

Finally, a note that we continue to add exciting people to our new Advisory Board.  Have a look at some of the folks we’ve added to the fold:

Robin Erbacher (High Energy Particle Physicist, CERN [appeared in The Atom Smashers])

Rich Moskal (Head of the Chicago Film Office)

Alan Schriesheim (Chairman Emeritus of Argonne National Laboratory)

Bill Foster (Congressman from Illinois)

Robin Erbacher Rich Moskal photo(SIZED) schriesheim Foster photo 1.3.13_0

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